Reap The Rewards: Five Reasons why you’ll love life at The Williston

Mar 13, 2019 | Media Coverage


Many Regina residents are recognizing that, after having completed a lifetime of hard work, it’s lime to kiss the responsibilities of home ownership good-bye and reap life’s Well-earned rewards.
At one time, there Were two alternatives to retirement living: staying in your home with its related costs and concerns, including the stress of leaving it vacant when you wanted to travel, or a care home where stimulating activities were limited.
Porchlight Developments and Marwest Group of Companies have teamed up to offer unique new options at The Williston, Adult lifestyle Rentals. The luxurious residence offers the extensive amenities of a cruise ship -under one roof -so there’s no need to battle the elements when Regina·s temperatures reach their extremes.
Leasing Consultant Tracy Thompson Says the U-shaped building features a central. welcoming reception lounge. To the south are the All-inclusive Residences. where services such as two meals a day. weekly housekeeping. activities. transportation and unlimited use of amenities are included. To the north is the Adult Apartment Living. where many amenities are available on a reasonable pay­-per-use basis – a la carte style!
The Williston’s ideal location in Harbour Landing means that a multitude of services are close at hand: shopping. doctors· offices, walking paths. golf courses and other sports facilities and venues

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